The Leviathan

Eairly Woodcut, unknown artist.

Newspaper illustration, circa 1830

The mosasaur was ancient Aigialosaur, or sea lizard. Thought to be a relative of modern day snakes, eels, and whales, the mosasaur is the prime candidate among many cryptologists for the true identity of many sea serpents, especially the Leviathan.

There are two dominant theories regarding the connection between these two great sea monsters. The first holds that early peoples saw the fossilized remains of a mosasaur, and thinking it modern and still lurking about in the seas, wove stories and legends around the bones of stone; and thus the Leviathan and other sea serpents were born.

The second is a bit more interesting, it suggests that at some period the mosasaur, or one of its close descendants, actually lived at the same time as some of our own predecessors.

Whatever the case may be, the early descriptions and drawings of the Leviathan and modern artists renderings of the mosasaur are strikingly similar.


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