Humanity has always had a fascination with nature and her creations, throughout the ages we have constantly sought out her rarest and most beautiful works of art. This search was not solely fueled by aesthetics, but by the beliefs and religions of our ancestors, traditions that continue on today in the form of folklore. Early man has always put a value on precious stones that transcends coin; their very hopes and dreams could often be found in a setting on their finger or in the hole of a bead strung about their neck.
               One has but to examine these bits of folklore to know of the people from whence they came. Whether you follow these ancient beliefs or not, to posses a gem and know its story, or to look into the heart of a carbuncle and dream of the people throughout history that once gazed into the depths of similar charms is a feeling that is hard to describe and impossible to mimic.
            It is for this reason House of Dubhrós creates heirloom quality jewelry, and for this reason we present the following bits of folklore collected form manuscripts and research brought to you by House of Dubhrós.


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