Pronunciation: ack
Literal Meaning: Oak
Other names: None
Phonetic value: A
Rune Poems:
Anglo Saxon - Ác byþ on eorþan elda bearnum flæsces fodor, fereþ gelome ofer ganotes bæþ; garsecg fandaþ hwæþer ac hæbbe æþele treowe.
Ác is on earth to feed the children of men and for the flesh for which they fare, over the gannet's bath the ocean finds whether it has noble troth.

Norwegian - Not Listed.

Icelandic - Not Listed.

       Ac is a rune of self-sacrifice in its truest form. What could be implied with Teiwaz is blatantly stated with Ac. The oak offers its acorns so that the children of man would not starve, both directly and by feeding their livestock. It offers its wood for ships, and proves its worth by floating when set upon the open sea. Not stated in the poem are the oak's other close ties to protection through self sacrifice, like the belief common among the Germanic peoples that the oak would draw lightning onto itself, and thus spare the houses by which they were planted. Ac is one of the additional runes of the Anglo Saxon Futhorc, added to compensate for the phonetic sounds not originally found in early Germanic languages.

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