Pronunciation: eye-waze
Literal Meaning: Ash
Other names: None
Phonetic value: æ;
Rune Poems:
Anglo Saxon - æ;sc biþ oferheah, eldum dyre stiþ on staþule, stede rihte hylt, ðeah him feohtan on firas monige.
æ;sc is exceedingly tall and to men dear, firm in its foundation, in the right place it holds, and fights off many men.

Norwegian - Not Listed.

Icelandic - Not Listed.

       Aesc is the rune of steadfast resolution and determination. It represents the ash, which in addition to being thought of as a representation of Yggdrasil, or the world tree; is also a firmly rooted tree that is hard to remove, whose wood was often used for weapons and shields. Thus Aesc is very much a rune of finding your place in the world and defending it with steadfast determination. Ac is one of the additional runes of the Anglo Saxon Futhorc, added to compensate for the phonetic sounds not originally found in early Germanic languages.

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