Pronunciation: they-gauze
Literal Meaning: Day
Other names: Daeg
Phonetic value: D
Rune Poems:
Anglo Saxon - Dæg byþ drihtnes sond, deore mannum, mære metodes leoht, myrgþ and tohiht eadgum and earmum, eallum brice.
Dæg is the drighten's messenger, dear to men, the measurer's shining light, mirth and hope to rich and poor, and for all to enjoy.

Norwegian - Not listed.

Icelandic - Not listed.

       Dagaz represents the light of day, and the banishment of darkness and evil. To the ancients the night was an uncertain time where the misdeeds of man and beast were most often wrought. Day therefore represents a safeguard against the darkness. This rune also points out that day and night are but measurements of time, and that they fall upon all men rich and poor alike.

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