Pronunciation: eehr
Literal Meaning: Grave
Other names: None
Phonetic value: Ea
Rune Poems:
Anglo Saxon - Éar byþ egle eorla gehwylcun, ðonn[e] fæstlice flæsc onginneþ, hraw colian, hrusan ceosan blac to gebeddan; bleda gedreosaþ, wynna gewitaþ, wera geswicaþ.
Éar is loathsome to every earl, when the flesh begins to quickly cool, and the body is put to bed in the dark earth, fruits fall, joy departs and oaths are broken.

Norwegian - Not listed.

Icelandic - Not listed.

       Ear is the rune of the grave and endings. It represents death, the complete loss of what is. Unlike the transformation of Hagalaz or Eihwaz, or the catharsis of Ior, Ear extinguishes all that was. Some say this end that comes to everything should be viewed as a beginning to something else. Like the fruit in the above verse, though it may die and rot away there is still a seed left, a chance at a new beginning. However, I do not see this concept is outlined in the historical refrences to this rune, nor am I sure it is a early Norse concept.

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