Pronunciation: eye-waze
Literal Meaning: Yew
Other names: Éoh
Phonetic value: ei or æ variant (now extinct phonetic variable)
Rune Poems:
Anglo Saxon - Éoh byþ utan unsmeþe treow, heard hrusan fæst, hyrde fyres, wyrtrumun underwreþyd, wyn on eþle.
Éoh is on the outside an unsmooth tree, held hard and fast in the earth, it is the fire's guardian, its roots wreathed under it, it is a joy upon an estate.

Norwegian - Not listed.

Icelandic - Not listed.

        Eihwaz is the rune of many meanings that at first seem to mirror those of other runes. It is a rune of protection but unlike Algiz this protection signifies spiritual protection and is said to have power over the dead. It is interesting note that this rune reversed means "death" so logically speaking this rune could represent life in its correct position. It is also a rune of transformation, but unlike Hagalaz, this is the transformation of life and so though it may be dramatic, it is also gradual, and more equated to growth than destruction. This rune is often confused with Yr, which is actually a completely different rune that appears in all three poems.

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