Hávamál, means words of the high, this is a reference to Odin who is credited with originally composing the stanzas. It is a very old work, and though the first time it was found in print is in the Codex Regius, written in the twelfth century, most scholars today agree it existed and was in use at the latest by 790 A.D.

In addition to quite a bit of worldly wisdom it contains the story of how Odin created the runes and various uses for them, it is for the latter reason it is included here. But we feel that the entire manuscript is of interest to the runic scholar and so we present all one hundred and sixty four verses it in their original Old Norse, and have added an English translation.

Words for the traveler
(Verses 1 - 79)

Words to live by
(Verses 80 - 89)

Words to love by
(Verses 90 - 95)

Billing's Kinswoman
(Verses 96 - 102)

Odin and Suttung's Mead
(Verses 103 - 110)
Odin's advice to Loddfafnir
(Verses 111 - 137)
Odin's Capture of the Runes
(Verses 138 - 143)
Rune Charms
(Verses 144 - 164)

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