Pronunciation: eng-waze
Literal Meaning: A hero of the ancient Germanic tribes, possibly the god FreyR himself
Other names: Ingwaz, Ing
Phonetic value: Ing
Rune Poems:
Anglo Saxon - Ing wæs ærest mid est Denum gesewen secgun, oþ he siððan eft ofer wæg gewat; wæn æfter ran; ðus Heardingas ðone hæle nemdun.
Ing was first seen by men among the Danes of the east, till he went back over the wet way and his chariot ran after him. So the Heardingas named the hero.

Norwegian - Not Listed.

Icelandic - Not Listed.

        Inguz is the rune of just and successful leadership as well as life's achievements. Whether it was a god or a hero that sat upon the throne of the ancient Danes the result was the same. There was a hero king under whose rule the country flourished. This theme occurs often in early Germanic lore and this verse seems to mirror that cycle of events with a king named Ing. It usually goes that stranger, often a child, appears by boat, becomes king under whose reign the land is fruitful and people are prosperous, then upon his death the king is packed into a funeral boat and sent across the sea. So this rune represents not only his leadership abilities but also signifies his life's work as it comes full cycle.

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