Pronunciation: kane-awez
Literal Meaning: Torch; as Kaunan it means ulcer, disease, sickness
Other names: Kaunan , Ken, Kuan, Cen
Phonetic value: K or C
Rune Poems:
Anglo Saxon - Cen byþ cwicera gehwam, cuþ on fyre blac ond beorhtlic, byrneþ oftust ðær hi æþelingas inne restaþ.
Cén is for the living known by its fire, flashing bright it burns, often where princes rest within.

Norwegian - Kaun er barna bo,lvan; bo,l gørver nán fo,lvan.
Kaun is fatal to children; death makes a corpse pale.

Icelandic - Kaun er barna böl ok bardaga för ok holdfúa hús. flagella konungr.
Kaun is the disease fatal to children and painful spot and abode of mortification.

        This is the rune of light and illumination, according to the oldest of these poems. The fact that the later poems list this rune as "ulcer" is a dramatic example of the false cognates that occur when people rely on homonyms in translations.

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