Pronunciation: law-gooze
Literal Meaning: Water, ocean, river, sea
Other names: LõgR, Lagu
Phonetic value: L
Rune Poems:
Anglo Saxon - Lagu byþ leodum langsum geþuht, gif hi sculun neþan on nacan tealtum and hi sæyþa swyþe bregaþ and se brimhengest bridles ne gymeð.
Lagu is to people thought infinite, if they shall venture forth on a shaky ship and the sea waves strongly frighten and the horse of the waves heeds not its bridles.

Norwegian - LõgR gr er fællr ór fjalle foss; en gull ero nosser.
LõgR is a river which falls from a mountainside, with ornaments of gold.

Icelandic - Lögr er vellanda vatn ok viðr ketill ok glömmungr grund. lacus lofðungr.
Lögr is the eddying stream and broad geysir and land of the fish.

        Laguz is the rune of water, however it represents forces that are beyond our control, like a ship tossed about by the sea.

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