Pronunciation: now-these
Literal Meaning: Need, Poverty
Other names: Nyd, nied, naudr
Phonetic value: N
Rune Poems:
Anglo Saxon - Nyd byþ nearu on breostan; weorþeþ hi þeah oft niþa bearnum to helpe and to hæle gehwæþre, gif hi his hlystaþ æror.
Nyd is heavy on the heart, though it often turns into the salvation and help of children of men if they heed to it soon.

Norwegian - Nauðr gerer næppa koste; nøktan kælr í froste.
Need gives scant choice; a naked man is chilled by the frost.

Icelandic - Nauð er Þýjar þrá ok þungr kostr ok vássamlig verk. opera niflungr.
Need is the grief of the bond-maid and state of oppression and toilsome work.

        Nauthiz is the rune of need. However as stated in the Anglo-Saxon rune poem need can serve to remind one of problems that need to be corrected before they snowball into greater issues.

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