Pronunciation: oath-awe-law
Literal Meaning: Ancestrial land, an estate.
Other names: Éþel or Éthel
Phonetic value: O
Rune Poems:
Anglo Saxon - Éþel byþ oferleof æghwylcum men, gif he mot ðær rihtes and gerysena on brucan on bolde bleadum oftast.
Éþel is very dear to every man, if he has opportunity to enjoy in his house whatever is fitting , prosperity shall remain.

Norwegian - Not Listed.

Icelandic - Not Listed.

        Othila is the rune of birthright, or inheritance. Though the literal translation pertains to physical land and estates, one must look at it through the eyes of the Germanic peoples. The family estate and ancestral land was not simply some dirt, rocks and trees. It was much more than something that could be measured in leagues, it was a direct link to ones ancestors who worked that land and spilled blood to protect it. For this reason Othila represents not only land but the wisdom, lineage, and heirlooms that make up ones very heritage, ones birthright. And that is not something anyone can strip away from you.

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