Pronunciation: soe-wee-low
Literal Meaning: Sun
Other names: Sigil
Phonetic value: S
Rune Poems:
Anglo Saxon - Sigel semannum symble biþ on hihte, ðonne hi hine feriaþ ofer fisces beþ, oþ hi brimhengest bringeþ to lande.
Sigel is always hoped for by seafarers, when they travel over the fish's bath till the horse of the waves brings them to land.

Norwegian - Sól er landa ljóme; lúti ek helgum dóme.
Sól is the light of the world; I bow to the divine decree.

Icelandic - Sól er skýja skjöldr ok skínandi röðull ok ísa aldrtregi. rota siklingr.
Sól is the shield of the clouds and shining ray and destroyer of ice.

        This is the rune of energy, motion and victory. It literally represents the sun and as such as the power to dissolve Isa, which represents stagnancy and treacherous conditions, so it could also be said to remove obstacles and break stalemates.

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