Pronunciation: tea-waze
Literal Meaning: Glory, or Tyr the god of law, justice, and order
Other names: Tir, Týr
Phonetic value: T
Rune Poems:
Anglo Saxon - Tír biþ tacna sum, healdeð trywa wel wiþ æþelingas; a biþ on færylde ofer nihta genipu, næfre swiceþ.
Tír is a token that holds pledges well with nobilty, it is always on course over the night's clouds and it never betrays.

Norwegian - Týr er æinendr ása; opt værðr smiðr blása.
Týr is a one-handed god; often has the smith to blow.

Icelandic - Týr er einhendr áss ok ulfs leifar ok hofa hilmir. Mars tiggi.
Týr is the god with one hand and leavings of the wolf and prince of temples.

        Teiwaz is the rune of justice and order. It was said to bring victory to the righteous, and the downfall of the dishonorable. In the rune poems Teiwaz is named after the Norse god Tyr, and as such it could also be thought of as a rune of self-sacrifice, because Tyr lost his hand chaining Fenris wolf, the spawn of Loki often thought to represent chaos. Though the Anglo Saxon poem seems to be describing the moon.

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