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Works by W. G. Wood Martian

Within these three works by William Gregory Wood–Martian the reader may find one of the most extensive surveys on ancient Ireland. The first, Pagan Ireland, actually focuses on the tools and artifacts of the early people of Ireland. While the latter two volume set, Elder Faiths, examines the cultural and religious aspects of pre-Christian Ireland.
Pagan Ireland Elder Faiths vol. 1 - Elder Faiths vol. 2
Rune Poems and Norse Antiquities

These are very fascinating works on the Norse mythos. The first is one of the earliest English translations of the three rune poems that we have been able to locate. We did not rely on this translation for the information on our rune pages, because of its overt Christianization of the translation. It is nonetheless fascinating.

The second is a two volume set, Northern Antiquities, and include descriptions of Norse customs gleamed from the Eddur and other translations done for the Duke of Northumberland.
Rune Poems Northern Antiquities vol. 1 - Northern Antiquities vol. 2
Pliny's Natural History

This is one of few surviving works by Gaius Plinius Secundus, more commonly known as Pliny the elder. It is one of the most extensive works of its kind from the ancient world. In it Pliny discusses the nature of plants, animals, stones, and life itself.

It was the definitive resource for scholars for many centuries after his death. Here we present the 16th century English translations of his work, in six volumes. Of special interest is volume 6 in which he discusses the properties of precious metals and stones.

Unfortunately to date I have yet to acquire a copy of volume 5 of this set. If there are any among you with access to this work in pdf format that would allow me to post it here I would be most grateful.

vol 1 - vol 2 - vol 3 - vol 4 - vol 5 - vol 6
Caledonia is early Latin for the region that is now Scotland. This text concerns the beliefs of the native peoples of that region, the Picts. Many of which were absorbed into the social structure of the Irish people who migrated there and became the people we know today as the Scots. Interestingly enough the term Scots and Scotland are both derived from the Scotia, the Latin name for Ireland. So in essence this text is a brief history of pre-Celtic belief in Scotland. Cool, huh?
This work concerns the long history of learning in Ireland, from the early pagan schools to those contemporaneous of the author.
This is an excerpt from the Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy dated 1923. It discusses Brehon law and the Celtic concept of cast.
A wonderful examination of Ireland’s history through the myths, legends and written accounts of her various peoples. Includes sections on Ogam, bardic teachings, and druidic practices, as well as chapters on the three great cycles of early Irish folklore, Mythological, Ulster and Fenian. It even has a discussion of early Milesian beliefs.


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