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Auraicept na N-Éces
The Scholars Primer
Auraicept na N-Éces, or the Scholars Primer, was originally and Irish book of grammar composed by Longarad. Here we present George Calder’s translations of the original work including the related sections on Ogam from the Book of Ballymote, the Yellow Book of Lecan, and the Book of Leinster.

This is one of the most sought after texts on Ogam, one can rarely find a copy for purchase on the open market and then because of its rarity it is usually priced well out of reach for many researchers. After much searching we are pleased to present the entire text. Please do not let this work fade in to obscurity, distribute it freely.
History and Grammer
Ogam Inscriptions
This is and old treatise on Ogam structure and usage, that was presented by John MacNeill to the Royal Irish Academy in April of 1909.
Ogam Inscriptions
Ireland, Scotland, and Wales
This is a collection of over 200 ogam inscriptions, along with translations and commentary by Samuel Ferguson. An excellent read for the student of traditional ogam inscriptions.
of the
Royal Irish Academy
Second Series
This is a fascinating collection of early works by the scholars at the Royal Irish Academy. This set in particular includes numerous works on the Ogam character set.
Ogam Stones
This article on two Ogham stones was presented to the Society of the Antiquaries, by Gilbert Goudie in December of 1876.
Ogham Inscriptions
This in an article presented to the St. Paul’s Ecclesiological Society, by Robert Alexander Stewart Macalister. This article concerns ogham’s relation, or lack thereof, to Christianity. It should be noted however that though Mr. Macalister had a strong fascination with “biblical archeology”, he is most known as a translator of early Irish myths.
On a
Ogham Inscription
This article on Ogham inscriptions was presented to the Royal Irish Academy, by Charles Graves in May of 1878. Charles Graves is the grandfather of Robert Graves, who wrote the notorious White Goddess. However it should be noted that Charles like the rest of the scholastic world, thoroughly disputed Roberts work as utter nonsense in a pretty bonnet. Charles Graves continues to this day to be considered a respected source on Irish history.


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