Bloodstone, also called Heliotrope, is green jasper with red inclusions. This is the only combination that may truly be called bloodstone, with any other colors it becomes fancy jasper and one color without the other is just jasper. Bloodstone received its name from the red dots of jasper adorning the surface, which caused this stone to have such a strong association with the blood that it was even said to stop hemorrhaging with but a touch. By simply wearing this stone, one was said to be relieved of any number of ailments concerning the blood and general bodily health, as well as the preservation thereof.
               In addition to this obvious connection there are a few interesting embellishments to this stones lore. The name "heliotrope" comes from the Greeks, and means "sun turning". It was said that if the stone was placed in a bucket of water the reflection of the sun would turn red, later this is misquoted by many as actually turning the sun itself red. Bloodstone was also supposed to instill in the wearer an unsurpassed guile, and anything said by one wearing such a stone would be believed, in addition the wearer would gain the ability to better sense deception. A stone anointed with the flower of the same name would grant invisibility. And finally if one were to intone the name engraved upon certain bloodstone talismans then locks would open, bolts would be thrown back, and all bonds would be torn asunder. No door could stop the wearer and no chains could bind him. However, what this name was or how this miraculous talisman was to be made is now lost to history. Perhaps this is for the best or the stone that was called the "Healer's Stone" might have been known instead as the Stone of Thieves.

Green with red spots.                     
Brazil, India, China, Australia, and the United States
Si02, with impurities, Varies
6.5 to 7

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