Carnelian is a red or burnt orange to reddish white stone in the agate family, its most macabre name is from Latin meaning "as bloody flesh", a name referring to the appearance of various shades of red and white in the stone. As ghoulish as this sounds the carnelian actually gains quite a few beneficial attributes from its color and form
               First like the bloodstone, carnelian was said to stop bleeding, in fact the carnelian is to the flesh as the heliotrope is to the blood. This stone above all others is said to preserve the flesh and mend all manners of maladies and diseases therein. Second it was said to instill courage, and strengthen speaking ability. However, it is interesting to note that unlike most red stones, carnelian is also said to dispel hate, anger and envy, and "make the soul joyous". Brown carnelians are called sard, and when a carnelian displays bands of brown and black or white it is known as sardonyx.

Red to reddish white, a uniform red is more desired.                     
India, Brazil and Uruguay yield prized specimens but it can be found all over the world.
Si02FeO2, with impurities, Iron oxide in silicon dioxide.
6.5 to 7

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