Chalcedony is another name for agate, but to the ancients and most modern gemologists the term is primarily used to describe the blue or bluish purple variety of agate. This is a unique stone as almost all the legends associated with it seem to stem from its reported ability to drive off phantoms, night terrors, and all other incorporeal denizens of the night. In many texts this power of the stone seems to be extended to protect against various undead as well. What makes this so odd is that every author I have found that mentions the ability of this stone to expel spirits, and by the 16th centaury chalcedony was actually recommended to magicians as a means to discharge unwanted "guests" and protect from the "illusions and cunning" of spirits and demons. Whereas with most stones there is some conflict as to its virtues or at least a multifaceted lore, with chalcedony there seems to be but a single yet most potent use.

Pale white or blue to deep purplish blue.                     
USA, Brazil, Madagascar, and Burma

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