The emerald is the most costly of all gems and is considered the "King of Beryls". An emerald would cost almost ten times more the price of a diamond of the same size and clarity. There is some speculation as to where its name originated but most scholars consider "emerald" to be a descendant of the Greek "smaragdos" meaning green gem, though admittedly the Greeks applied this name to other stones as well.
               The emerald is often quoted as being a cure for diseases of the eye. This is apparently due to mistranslation and basic muddling of the folklore regarding this stone. What so many philosophers were actually saying is that the green of this stone is pleasing and therefore soothing to the eyes. The emerald does however have a long history of not curing diseases but warding them off completely, even unto times of plague. Some even say this protection extended to poisons as well.
               The emerald also had a reputation of prophesy both in the sense of predicting the future and by discerning truth form falsehood, and like many green stones the emerald was said to have power over sorcery and enchantments. It was probably for these reasons this stone was so prized by kings and magicians alike.

All shades of Green.                     
Brazil, Colombia, Russia, USA
Al2Be3 (Si6O18)
7.5 - 8

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