Jade is actually a common name for two materials with a very similar appearance, jadeite and nephrite. Though diamonds are the hardest of stones, jade is arguably the toughest. This durability earned jade a reputation as an excellent material for tools and everything from weapons of war to ceremonial alters.
               Jade has always had a close association with prosperity. Because it is so sought after by the ruling classes of so many cultures it is easy to assume that jade's relation to prosperity was founded on the basis of this demand, however one must realize that it is the use of jade in weapons and ceremonial objects that first provoked such a demand. Thus the culture that possessed jade; possessed superior tools and a greater propensity for prosperity. Today a prosperity amulet from the east would be neglect were it not to include jade.
               Jade is also said to grant longevity and preserve health. It is found in charms to protect the health of everything from children and the bones of the elderly, it is even used in burial suits and talismans to protect the spirit of the deceased.

Green is most common however it can be found in several colors.                     
Jade can almost be found worldwide.
NaAlSi2O6 or Ca2(Mg, Fe)5Si8O22(OH)2
6.5 - 7

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