Jet is a hard lignite coal that takes a fine polish, not in fact fossilized wood like many so many people report. When something is fossilized there is usually little if any organic material left, having had in its stead a collection of inorganic material like lime or silica, this process is called mineral replacement and is indicative of a fossil. Jet however is formed when wood decays slowly under saltwater, creating coal, making it one of the lesser known organic gemstones. Its name comes from the French "jaiet" meaning a "deep black color".
               Jet is one of the oldest materials used in adornment, and has a reoccurring, cross-cultural connection with the dead. It has been found in burial sites across the globe, from Neolithic tombs to Native American burial mounds. Jet is said to have power in the places where the dead walk, this may be why historically it was used in amulets and artifacts that were thought not so much ward of the dead but to cause one to be overlooked by the undead and other spirits. Similarly it is also said to render the evil eye ineffectual, as well as the spirits that cause it. If ground and placed in the wound it was supposed to absorb the poison from snakebite. And if powdered and ingested it was said to prevent poisoning. It is interesting to note that jets connection continues to this day in its use in mourning jewelry.

England, France, Spain, and the USA
C, with impurities.
2.5 - 4

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