Lapis Lazuli means "stone of azure". Care must be taken with legends surrounding this stone as some cultures referred to it as sapphire. But upon examination of the texts most philosophers make mention of either the gold flecks of lapis or the clarity of the modern sapphire thus readily defining the two.
               Lapis is the "Stone of Water" and the attributes commonly associated with the element water, can be applied to this stone. The blue beads worn in the Middle East to ward of the evil eye were originally carved from lapis and the legends of its protective qualities seem to be situated around fortifying the mind rather than protecting the flesh, this stone was even said to cure insanity.
                Lapis was one of the most sacred materials to many ancient peoples, including the Egyptians and the Sumerians. In Egypt it was prized as a charm against evil deeds and curses, and was also highly desired for its use in makeup, pigments, and other adornments. The Sumerians used lapis extensively to create cylinder seals; this is not surprising as someone possessing lapis was thought to be in favor of the gods themselves.

Blue with flecks of pyrite, sometimes with white streaks.                     
Afghanistan, Egypt, Canada, Chile, the Americas.
5 - 5.5

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