Malachite is a type of copper ore, its name comes from the Greek "molochitis" meaning "green mallow stone." It is called the "Merchant Stone" because of its reportedly beneficial effects on business and its legendary ability to make the possessor wealthy through trade and financial endeavors. This may come form its use as an indicator material, or the fact that copper could be extracted from this material. In any case it is said to be beneficial if kept with coins or money or if worn by a person doing monetary transactions such as a merchant or clerk, though I know quite a few delivery people and wait persons who claim this stone dramatically increases the tips they receive as well. This may be attributed to malachite's history as a stone that "promotes tranquility and right thinking", a rather archaic way of saying that it will calm the mind and grant clarity of thought, thus better business sense.
               Malachite also enjoys the reputation of being a protector of children. A piece secured to a child's crib was said to ward off evil spirits and night haunts and grant the child a peaceful night. There is also evidence of this stone being used in ancient Greece in amulets to protect children. This tradition is continued in parts of Italy where a malachite charm is worn on a red cord by the child, and is said to protect from witchcraft and other more physical dangers.

Green banded                     
Africa, France, South Australia, Namibia and USA
3.5 - 4

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