Moonstone is a opalescent orthoclase. It receives it name from its semblance to the moon, in fact the Romans believed this stone as actually formed form moonlight. In addition to the well known white variety, moonstone also occurs in gray, yellow, red, and rarely, green or blue. The stone often called "rainbow moonstone" is in fact not a true moonstone at all, but a variety of Labadorite.
                Though this stone is held sacred in most places in which it occurs, very few definitive legends are attributed to this type of stone, though many stones of this type have individual legends attached to them. Over all this stone tends to bestow a mysterious luck upon the possessor, weaving coincidences into an outcome so to speak. This stone seems to be the very embodiment of mystery in folklore, undoubtedly due in no small part to its connection with the moon. It seems to have a particular association with matters of love, though from the legends it seems clear that what ever attributes our ancestors placed upon the moon were revisited upon the moonstone as well.

White, gray, yellow, red, and rarely, green or blue                     
Russia, Brazil, Germany, India, Madagascar, Uruguay and the USA
KAlSi3O8, Potassium Aluminium Silicate
6 - 6.5

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