Obsidian is a natural glass that is formed when lava cools quickly. Though usually black, several colors exist, the more popular varieties being the deep speckled mahogany obsidian and the resplendent rainbow obsidian. But most of the folklore attached to obsidian treat it as a reagent or tool material rather than a talisman. This is logical considering that the cultures that lived in areas where obsidian could be found used it extensively in mirrors, jewelry, and even swords. In fact today obsidian is gaining in popularity within the medicinal community for its use in scalpels, which take an edge six times sharper than steel.
               The most interesting bits of folklore concern the black obsidian, and it's extensive use in scrying mirrors. This makes it a much more probable candidate for Dr. Dees famous scrying stone than hematite. It is also quite possible that the stone in question originated from Central America, where it would have been created for just such a purpose. In folklore, a most potent mirror could be constructed out of obsidian with silver backing. This mirror was supposed to show the scryer the past, present and future as well as act as a gateway to the otherworld. But this came with a drawback; the mirror would also show the viewer their deepest desire and soul, an act that would often render to crystal gazer mad.

Black, brown, iridescent                     
Anywhere with past volcanic activity.
SiO2, with impurities

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