Peridot comes from the French "peritot" meaning unclear, referring to the inclusions that are often prevalent in the stone. It is a crystallized variety of olivine. Peridot is a difficult stone to research because at one time it was known as topaz, for according Pliny said it hailed from the island of Tapozos, so many of the legends of peridot are intermingled with the stone we know as topaz today. Once again it becomes necessary to discern the stone the philosophers were speaking of by its description, but there in lies the rub. Peridot has been mistaken for many different stones including emerald. It is even said that some of Cleopatra's finest emeralds were in fact Peridot.
               The peridot is said to be a charm against sorcery and nightmares, and to avert the evil eye. But this could be a factor of its reportedly superb ability to ward off evil spirits and cast out demons, both of which were believed to be the root cause of the prior conditions. It was also said to be popular with pirates but I can only find modern references to this, still it is most amusing.

Various shades of green.                     
Australia, Brazil, Burma, China, Egypt, Norway, Pakistan, and the USA
(Mg, Fe)2SiO4, magnesium iron silicate

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