The word sard comes from the Greek word "Sarx" meaning flesh. It is an orange to brown stone in the chalcedony family. Sard and carnelian are so closely related that the two stones over lap a bit in mineralogy. The sard has always been a popular stone for use in cameos, seals and other carvings. When it occurs in alternating bands with white onyx it is known as sardonyx, and is said to posses the prosperities of both stones without the negative traits of onyx.
               In addition to many of the traits the carnelian possesses, the sard is said to grant intelligence and courage, dispel sorceries and banish nightmares and the resulting melancholy thereof, especially those caused by the onyx.

Shades of red or black, Blotched or Banded                     
India and South America
SiO2, with impurities

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