Tigereye is a form of quartz with crocidolite fibers that have been replaced with silica. Tigereye receives its moniker from the resemblance it is said to have with a tiger. The eye that dances across the surface of the cabochon is called chatoyancy, from French meaning cats eye. The reason so many people have trouble finding information on tigereye in older texts is because that name was only brought into common usage within the past few hundred years, prior to that many people called it simply cat's eye or an equivalent thereof. This caused quite a bit of confusion and it is only by reading the description of the stone or where it was found that one may differentiate it from the more expensive chrysoberyl cat's eye. There are three main colors in which tiger eye is commonly found in the market today. The blue variety is often called by its older name Hawk's Eye, it posses much of the original color of the crocidolite. The red is sometimes called Bull's Eye, and though it is often said that all of this material is heat treated that is not the case, there does exist natural red tigers eye, however like the citrine it is rare, and the golden tigereye is most commonly known today.
               There are a few legends that cover all tigereye, and some that are particular to color. This stone is said to be all seeing and is very popular as a luck stone. It is supposed to fascinate witches and spirits, causing them to be distracted and get "caught within the eye." According to legend it was this stone from which one would fashion a ring from to make oneself invisible. To use the ring one simply had to turn the band around so the stone faced the palm of the hand.
               All three were said to be a protective stone, however the blue was said to be especially beneficial in securing the spirit and would grant wisdom, the red secured the Flesh and granted Courage, and the gold secured the mind and made one more rational.

Gold, Red, Blue, various colors in between                     
Africa, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, India, and the USA
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