Triple Horn

The Triple Horn, or Odhroerir, is a symbol composed of three interwoven drinking horns, based in part on a design found on the Snoldelev rune stone. The image on the left is a recreation of the original glyph and the one on the right is the modern symbol adopted by many modern heathens.

Because of its ties to Odin this symbol has come to represent Asatru, modern Heathenism. It is thought that this symbol is a symbol of Odin's capture of the mead of poetry, and that Odhroerir refers either to the vessel that held the mead of poetry, or the mead itself. But the verse often quoted to support this, 107 of the Havamal, seems to suggest that the word used, Ódrerir, which literally means soul stirrer, might have been a nickname for Odin himself.
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