Spiral Hand

The Spiral Hand is a symbol that appears on pictographs and cave paintings throughout the southwest. Because of the hand design it is sometimes confused with the Hamsa, however the spiral has never appeared in this manner on any of the traditional Hamsa charms from the Middle East. Though the original meaning of the symbol has been lost it has gained following with Reiki practitioners, massage therapists and "energy healers" in the United States. These people practice the modern equivalent of faith healing, in the belief that the body has energy fields, auras or chakras and that through the manipulation of these energy fields they can heal all manner of ailments and diseases. Needless to say, with the exception of faith healing itself, these are all a very modern collections of beliefs that have recently gained popularity in the past few decades.

The image on the left is an example of the original design in pictographs. The spiral within the hands have been found going both clockwise and counter clockwise, and the hands themselves have been found pointing in several different directions. So the only sure rule to this design seems to be a vague hand shape with a spiral in the palm. The image on the right is a modern interpretation that shows a strong influence from the Hamsa.
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