Three Jewels

The Three Jewels, or Triple Gem, is a symbol with many beautiful meanings. It represents the three treasures of a Buddhist. Since Buddhism teaches that want is the basis of all suffering, and to overcome this one must try to remove oneself from earthly desires, it should come as no surprise that theses treasures are not representative of worldly riches.

The Three jewels of Buddhism are explained as the following:

The Buddha – This can be the historical prince, Siddhartha, who attained enlightenment and founded the philosophy that would become Buddhism; or enlightenment itself and Buddha nature.

The Dharma – The teachings of the Buddha, and philosophical beliefs that are supposed to ease suffering.

The Sangha – This literally means the community. There is some disagreement as to what qualifies the scope of the term, most people believe it refers specifically to practicing Buddhists, however it has been suggested that it refers strictly to the students of Buddhism who have attained enlightenment.

These are the three things a Buddhist should take solace in.
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