Peace Symbol

The symbol that has become known today as the peace symbol is another symbol on which ignorance has heaped undue controversy. A British gentleman by the name of Gerald H. Holtom created it in 1958 as a logo for the Direct Action Committee Against Nuclear War, an organization dedicated not to peace, but to the eradication of nuclear weapons. It was only later that it was adopted as a symbol of peace in general.

Contrary to rumor, the peace symbol is not antichristian, satanic, or even pagan. In fact, Gerald Holtom was a devout Christian and even considered using a cross as a symbol for Nuclear Disarmament, but he believed that the removal of nuclear weapons was a cross-cultural cause, and so chose a neutral logo instead.

What was the great inspiration for the symbol you ask? The symbol was created from the positions in flag semaphore for the letters of N and D, for Nuclear Disarmament. Flag semaphore is a method of using two flags, one held in each hand, to communicate across distances; ironically it was primarily used in navel and military situations.
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