Shiva Trident

This trident is the symbol of the Hindu god Shiva, he is a deity with a very complex mythos. On the surface he is the destroyer, the lord of the dead, but he has strong connections to fertility. So much so that his lingam, or penis, is still worshiped as a sacred object in the form of lingam stones and statues. He is at once considered a being of extreme serenity, and yet is prone to such bouts of wraith that he once loped off the head of his own son, Ganesh.

It was all a misunderstanding mind you, he had been training in the forest for quite a while and did not know he had a son. So when his wife Parvati went to bathe, she told Ganesh to let no one through the door. Well of course pops comes back, and father and son did not recognize each other so he tells the boy to move aside. Ganesh refuses and Shiva cuts his head off, which displeased Parvati immensely. So Shiva got with the other gods and swore that they would take the head of next animal they came across, this happened to be an enlightened elephant. Parvati was even more horrified at her son's new elephant head, but Shiva swore that he would be renowned for his wisdom and ability to remove problems.

The reason I am including this legend here is because it demonstrates another duality of Shiva. While there is no question that he is the destroyer, his myths often have an element of restoration to them.
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