Aries Stones     
  Element: Cardinal Fire   Date:   March 21 - April 20   Planetary: Jacinth  
  Key Trait: Competitive   Constellation:   April 19 - May 13   Elemental: Garnet  
  Keyword: Challenge   Ruling Planet:   Mars   Talismanic: Bloodstone  

       Aries, as the first sign of the zodiac, is the quintessential pioneer. Impetuous and impulsive, they're well-known for their love of challenge and new frontiers. Aries are very open to new ideas. They're clever and quick-witted, but often lack the discipline to see their many projects, plots, and plans through to the end. Impatience is a common downfall; if they don't see results quickly, they move onto something else.

       They are an independent sign, and dislike advice from others. Working under someone's thumb is their own personal nightmare. Most would rather live with meager resources than live lavishly as a corporate puppet. That being said, they thrive on competition and rarely find themselves without money.

       Aries is the sign of action and boundless energy, of gleefully overcoming challenges. Aries are the adrenaline junkies and the daredevils. They love risks and extremes. They are ruled by Mars, a planet named for the god of war. Consequently they can be headstrong and rash. They can accidentally bulldoze a more emotionally sensitive individual. Luckily, they're honest and quick to apologize when they've erred.

       Aries are enthusiastic, generous, and incapable of holding grudges. They can be forceful and aggressive, but they enjoy fighting for the underdog, and often find a cause to champion. Developing patience is the hardest challenge to overcome, but the most rewarding.

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