Cancer Stones     
  Element: Cardinal Water   Date:   June 22 - July 22   Planetary: Moonstone  
  Key Trait: Maternal   Constellation:   July 21 - August 9   Elemental: Lapis Lazuli  
  Keyword: Emotional   Ruling Planet:   Moon   Talismanic: Emerald  

       Cancer, the Crab, is best known for its proverbial shell. Cancers can be gregarious, the life of the party, until some imagined insult makes them withdraw. No amount of prodding will make them reappear. They're paradoxical in nature, timid one minute and courageous the next. When faced with a challenge, they will either give up immediately or hang on with astonishing tenacity. Very rarely do they do anything in-between.

       Cancers are ruled by the Moon, and their mood swings are reminiscent of the pull of the tide. Crabs are very intuitive, and their memory is the best in the zodiac. They'll never forget a kindness done to them (or a slight). They have healthy imaginations, which can make for interesting fantasy lives. These can get complicated when they clash with the real world. They are drawn to poetry and music, and are heavily influenced by outside sources. They do not like advice, however; and like all water signs, they see it as criticism, no matter how lightly it's given.

       Friends and family, and a secure home base, are essential to the well-being of a Cancer. Their loved ones often hold more sway than they realize over the sensitive Crab. Crabs can become extremely possessive of their family, and will mother them to the point of smothering. They have a difficult time trusting people, and are often faced with abandonment issues. That being said, they are some of the most empathetic and caring people you'll ever meet. Cancers will make sure their families are safe and protected, no matter what the cost.

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