Comparison Chart
Each sign has been historically assigned a unique set of properties. Among these are:

Sign Element Ruling Planet Key Trait Keyword   Sign Element Ruling Planet Key Trait Keyword
Aries Cardinal Fire Mars Competitive Challenge   Libra Cardinal Air Venus Idealistic Diplomacy
Taurus Fixed Earth Venus Stubborn Sensuality   Scorpio Fixed Water Pluto Manipulative Secrets, Sex
Gemini Mutable Air Mercury Communicative Dualistic   Sagittarius Mutable Fire Jupiter Optimistic Freedom
Cancer Cardinal Water Moon Maternal Emotional   Capricorn Cardinal Earth Saturn Ambitious Traditional
Leo Fixed Fire Sun Flamboyant Drama   Aquarius Fixed Air Uranus Artistic Innovation
Virgo Mutable Earth Mercury Practical Organization   Pisces Mutable Water Neptune Dreamer Sensitive
Elemental Associations – Each sign was assigned to one of the four Greek elements, based on the virtues and vices of that sign:
  Earth - Signs known for their reliability, though greatly valuing tradition, honor and virtue these signs often demonstrate a materialistic streak.
  Air - Thought is the primary trait for these signs. As such they excel at the abstract but at times have issues with the tangible.
  Fire - Pure unbridled passion. Fire signs like flair and drama, they rarely do anything small scale. However they have a tendency to come on strong, and then burn them selves out.
  Water - Water signs are emotion embodied, they do not just experience emotion they live it.
Each sign is further categorized according to the aspect of the element which best described its traits:
  Cardinal - Signs that most exemplify the element in question.
  Mutable - Signs of a changing or flowing nature.
  Fixed - Rigid and often stubborn signs.
Ruling Planet – To each sign is assigned a ruling planet, a sign will share many underlining traits with their ruling planet. For example, signs like Libra and Taurus are ruled by Venus, thus when they fall in love they fall hard.
Key Trait – This is the primary attribute that flavors all aspects of the sign’s life.
Key Word – These are the phrases most often used to describe the sign itself.

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