Gemini Stones     
  Element: Mutable Air   Date:   May 22 - June 21   Planetary: Topaz  
  Key Trait: Communicative   Constellation:   June 20 - July 20   Elemental: Labradorite  
  Keyword: Dualistic   Ruling Planet:   Mercury   Talismanic: Agate  

       In the zodiac, the element air represents mental energy. As such, Gemini is the sign of the restless mind. Those born under this sign are forever seeking new information, but rarely do they delve deep into any one subject, or bother to research any given fact. They are masters of useless trivia, and are easily bored. Public school is a chore for them. They're horrified by monotonous drills and dry history, and yearn for the freedom to seek knowledge on their own terms.

       The sign's ruling planet is Mercury, which oversees communication. Geminis are often skilled at debate, drama, and poetry. They play with words and concepts, and rarely take life seriously. They are imaginative and cunning when the need arises. They can be very persuasive, when they decide for themselves what they want. Their ability to see more than one side of an issue is both a hindrance and a blessing, as they tend to flip-flop between sides.

       Geminis, the Twins, are dualistic by nature. This can manifest itself in a chameleonic nature, a cocktail personality. They make charming, witty acquaintances, and fit the image of whatever their companion expects them to be. Until they get bored, that is. Intimate personal relationships can be difficult, due to their tendency to overthink emotion instead of experiencing it. However, loneliness causes them real pain; they need a companion to bounce their constant ideas off of. Once they allow themselves to express emotion without constant analysis, they go a long way to ending their basic inner conflict of thought versus feeling.

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