Leo Stones     
  Element: Fixed Fire   Date:   July 23 - August 21   Planetary: Sunstone  
  Key Trait: Flamboyant   Constellation:   August 10 - September 15   Elemental: Carnelian  
  Keyword: Drama   Ruling Planet:   Sun   Talismanic: Onyx  

       Leos are easily the most over-the-top sign of the zodiac. Enthusiastic and dramatic, they're prone to dominating the room and making whatever space they're in uniquely theirs. What Leos most crave is a faithful audience--without someone encouraging them and applauding their ideas, they become sullen and miserable. They will do almost anything for attention, including exaggerate, create scenes, or outright lie. It's often difficult to strike a balance with Leos: either they're greedy and needy, or they've found ready lackeys to do their bidding, and become pompous, demanding, and intolerant.

       They usually have a sunny outlook on life, and they're passionate and creative. When they're upset, they won't hesitate to let you know, though their roar is much worse than their bite. If they don't find a suitable outlet for their considerable energy, they can fall into severe depression. For all their flamboyance and fire, they're often somewhat traditional, and don't adjust well to changes in their environment. Leos can rely too much on others. They are easily flattered, and are prone to dependency issues and jealousy.

       However, Leos who have learned to be independent are amazingly warmhearted, generous individuals who genuinely care about the welfare of their friends. Leos make good politicians, entertainers, and parents, though they tend to overshadow others. At their best, they're excellent leaders and loyal friends, and capable of inspiring others to greatness.

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