Scorpio Stones     
  Element: Fixed Water   Date: October 24 - November 22   Planetary: Sardonyx  
  Key Trait: Manipulative   Constellation: November 23 - December 17   Elemental: Opal  
  Keyword: Secrets, Sex   Ruling Planet:   Venus   Talismanic: Beryl  

       "Fixed water" sums up the Scorpio well. The uncertainty and swiftly changing emotions that characterize other water signs aren't a problem with Scorpio. Their emotions are intense, and run deep, with dangerous undercurrents. There's a good reason Scorpios are often likened to tornadoes, icebergs, and volcanos. They're a force of nature. They have long fuses and longer memories, and will hold grudges forever.

       Scorpios often have powerful, magnetic personalities. Other people mean nothing or everything, with no in-between. They're best known for their obsession with sex and secrets. More than any other sign, Scorpios need to find their purpose--something that allows a release for their passion, seething energy, and immense drive. If this drive is turned inward and allowed to fester, or focused on people instead of a goal, they become self-destructive, obsessive, manipulative, paranoid, and jealous. They're masters of passive-aggressiveness and vengeance for perceived slights, and they hide different secrets from everyone.

       Scorpios have the potential to be cruel, vindictive, utterly terrifying people. They also have the potential to cause more positive change than any other sign. Fostering empathy is their most important lesson in life. They're immensely creative and determined, especially with a goal in mind. As poets, artists, or writers, they're intuitive and deeply influential. When they learn to transcend petty and mundane matters, they're unstoppable.

Perhaps they are best sumed up in the manner in which an astrologer we know responded to the question "What can you tell us about Scorpios?"


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