Taurus Stones     
  Element: Fixed Earth   Date:   April 21 - May 21   Planetary: Emerald  
  Key Trait: Stubborn   Constellation:   May 14 - June 19   Elemental: Jade  
  Keyword: Sensuality   Ruling Planet:   Venus   Talismanic: Sapphire  

       Taureans are, hands down, the most stubborn sign of the zodiac. Like all earth signs, they resist change. Taureans respect tradition, and are inclined to conservatism. When they reach the decision that their leader or boss is worth following (which may take awhile), they will be loyal and tireless workers. They can, however, be lazy if they decide it isn't worth their time. Their strength of will is unmatched. They are prudent and dependable.

       They're pragmatic and practical, but they have a strong romantic streak. This is unsurprising, considering they're ruled by Venus. Taureans enjoy the finer things in life--fine wine, dark chocolate, and fluffy pillows. If not careful, their love of luxury can rule their lives, making them hedonistic and extremely materialistic. Because of their determination, Taureans excel in whatever field they choose. They make wonderful bankers and doctors, and do well with anything involving large sums of money. Their aesthetic streak will often compel them to landscape, craft, sing, or cook, all of which they can turn to profit.

       Their need for stability and security is what drives them. Once they feel secure, they rarely cease to appreciate it, and will fight to keep it safe. The same goes for their family. They are devoted to their spouses and almost always want children. They need to feel needed. It's difficult to make the innately peaceful Taurus angry, but once past the boiling point, they explode. They also hold grudges forever. However, once you get past their initial reserved exterior, a Taurus is the most steadfast and loyal individual you'll find.

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