Virgo Stones     
  Element: Mutable Earth   Date:   August 22 - September 23   Planetary: Hematite  
  Key Trait: Practical   Constellation:   September 16 - October 30   Elemental: Moss Agate  
  Keyword: Organization   Ruling Planet:   Mercury   Talismanic: Carnelian  

       Virgos are often conflicted. As an earth sign, they appreciate luxury and comfort, but they feel uncomfortable about unnecessary excess. First and foremost, Virgos must have A Plan for life, preferably one with lots of lists and goals. They're analytical, thorough, and gifted with a keen eye for detail. Virgos excel as doctors, accountants, and teachers. They like facts, numbers, and proof.

       They're natural skeptics, and they never indulge in wild speculation. Emotionally, they often come across as cool or distant. It's an unfair judgement--Virgos are deeply emotional and very affectionate, but they're often shy, and don't care for huge displays. They have a hard time learning to open up to people. Virgos are low-key and discreet, and tend to be trustworthy.

       They are happiest when given something to do. They're dependable, industrious, and organized. They can, however, become flustered when things don't go according to plan. They don't deal well with unexpected twists, so they get caught up in worrying about "what ifs." They can be fussy, overly critical, and prudish. They get bogged down with details, ignoring the proverbial forest by counting the cracks in the bark of the trees. Once they learn that being spontaneous isn't necessarily being irresponsible, and that being irresponsible isn't a cardinal sin, they generally become happier and more laid-back.

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